Avery Jane

  • Day: Friday
  • Genre: Folk

Avery Jane is a Montreal-based artist from Victoria BC, a self described folk inspired Pop R&B artist. After years of performing in big bands, theater, folk and indie-jazz bands, she began to pursue her solo career. In 2019, Avery began performing the pub circuit in Montreal as a solo act,  honing her skills and writing music. During the pandemic, her work changed drastically from performance-focused to creating original music. She released her first single, "April" in 2020, and her debut EP  "Honey Lemon Ginger" in 2022, and first full production EP “Hey You” in 2023.  Avery's lyrics are genuine and clever. With songs about forgetting to buy toothpaste at the grocery store, giving her mother a room to visit in the big city, and unconditional love, Avery’s insightful, relatable lyrics touch on many aspects of the human experience. 

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