live at the library
live at the library
Kemptville Live at the Library


Tyler Kealey

Virtual Concert

MAR 11
Thu • 7:00 pm

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Kemptville Campus

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Known for his vocal prowess and fast-flying improvisational piano solos, Tyler Kealey is a singer-songwriter who collects little moments and brings them to life through his songs.

With sharp, storytelling lyrics and melodic piano lines that lean into folk just as much as they do blues and rock, each performance takes the audience on a journey of untamed adventure.

He is just as at home on a festival stage as he is in a listening room; Tyler’s energy, charisma, and raw talent on his instrument have made him a favourite within the Ottawa music scene and beyond.

In addition to finishing up a new EP, Mozart Candy, 2019 has seen Tyler playing shows throughout Ontario and Quebec. He also travelled to the NATO base in Mali, Africa for a Canada Day show.

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