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20 July - 23 July 2017


Event was well organized and run . Be proud of the work you have done ... see you next year
Thank you. You guys did a fabulous job!! Loved it!
Last year there was 4 of us. It was such a great time that this year thee was 16 of us. Great job.
The volunteer staff were excellent. The festival was well organized. I would definitely recommend it to all.
We loved it. It was well organized, everyone, and I mean everyone, was helpful, cheerful and well informed. It was easy to park. We never felt cramped or crowded. The grounds were well laid out. The food and drink was well chosen. The venue was beautiful. In short, we were very impressed and we will be back.
Venue is excellent. Everything really well organized. Volunteers very helpful and friendly.
Nice venue for the concert and well set-up. Lots of volunteers and place was kept clean. Great selection of bands especially Saturday night.
Well done, Everyone!!! Venue was great, sound was excellent. As mentioned above, was a good variety of food and drink available. Volunteers we encountered were all very friendly, and seemed to be having just as good a time as everyone
Congratulations on a superb festival! Great music & sound, super venue, lots of food variety, plenty of seating and standing options. Will highly recommend to others.
Cheers and thumbs up to all the organizers. We will be back. Thanks for a great time!!!
Great job volunteers. Kudos to the organizers for such a GREAT line-up!
Your volunteers were excellent! Made us feel very special. The VIP tickets were great and the line-up for music was awesome. Thanks so much.

What a lovely area and a great festival! Looking forward to attending again next year.

It was an amazing experience and we are telling everyone we know to come out next year!!!! Thanks, Kemptville - you all deserve to be very proud of yourselves and your community!!!!

We had vip tickets and attended all 3 days....just loved it. Clean, spacious, great perks for vip ticket, orderly but really fun! Great lineup!!

The show & venue were great !!

Outstanding volunteers. The best I've ever encountered.

I love your festival: the lineup was varied, good food, lovely volunteers. I needed accessible parking and it was so close I wanted to hug someone as this has been a big issue at other festivals. The stage and sound were excellent and the acts were on time.

the volunteers did a super job! The people i came into contact with were so nice and seemed to be enjoying their time there... great job!!!

I have been to many music festivals over the years and Kemptville Live was probably the most organized that I have been to. Good job by all volunteers.

We were so impressed with how well organized and punctual everything was. Starting from finding one of the parking lots shown on your website, catching the shuttle bus to the grounds, and being greeted to the event. Marvellous! We felt like a million bucks! Keep up the good work! It's the Best Fest!

Positive experience. Looked like organizers had done a good job. Carry on!

Love the Roadhammers and Monkey Junk! Even in the rain - I would go again just to see these groups... Great Festival... loved it!

We had a great time at the show on Sunday. Thank you for putting on the festival. It was wonderful to see folks out enjoying the music.

Great work and hope to see you again. We definitely would put this in event in a list of too GREAT AND DO AGAIN!!! Thanks Tammy and Glenn Ross

This was a fabulous festival, great acts, wonderful atmosphere and terrific security to keep a safe atmosphere. Congrats to all who organized it, worked it, and volunteered. It was a summer highlight for sure. Looking forward to next year!

Great experience, a little far to walk from the event but weather was great so not that bad. Shuttle was slower than walking so we walked. Great concert. Tom Cochrane still rocks!! :)

Wonderful job to all of the volunteers!!! Had so much fun with bus personell! Directions were bang on too!

Thanks so much for an excellent weekend of music and community!

Great music variety and talent. Too many excellent performers to list. Good selection of food vendors. Clean site and well organized.

The volunteers did a fabulous job!

The friendliest town I have ever visited. Your residents are just super nice.

Great job! Great Venue! Very organized

The staff and volunteers were fantastic ,helpful and a joy to talk with.

We were there to see Tom Cochrane.....awesome! Everything seemed well organized and there was plenty of volunteer presence to ensure things ran smoothly....great job!

Great job overall and many thanks for all the hard work

Great group of volunteers, amazing selection of food, loved the picnic tables & bathrooms were nice & clean… looking forward to more!

I am (still) really impressed by how organized this festival was. I love the location and the fact that you had that tent with all of the picnic tables with a great view of the stage. I really appreciated it in the pouring rain on Saturday. The line-up was awesome too! Everyone was so nice & I will recommend it everyone!

People working there were terrific, great job by them. Over all we were very impressed especially considering that this was your first year. Super! Looking forward to next year. Cheers!

Great price, venue & lineup!

This was the best festival I have been to in years. My hats off to the organizers and to the volunteers. You guys are very proud of your city. Thanks.

I have already booked the same weekend for next year in order to take in the entire festival. Thanks for doing a great job with this years event.

The volunteers were great, always went above and beyond…

We had a fantastic time and will definetly return next year!??

Everything was done well. No need to change a thing.

Thank you for the great event!

The porta potties were very clean and the hand washing stations were kept clean as well.. We rented a canoe and paddled down the river which was easy and fun. Next year we plan to sample the food at Salamanders and to attend the Sunday farmer's market. The food trucks were handy and the one we tried, Thai was very good.

Good atmosphere, nice people, good venue, was very pleased with everything.

Less rain would be nice. Could you work on that for next year? Kidding - it was great. Nice that there was a tent available though.

Really enjoyed the folk music day.

Great work everyone!!

Very pleasent experience. Job well done!!


Really enjoyed the line up and pace of Saturday. Thank you.

WE had a great time . THE VIP was the best buy.

Took full advantage of the shuttle system….. On the whole, it was a fantastic festival and look forward to next year.

For a first time festival, very well organized and smoothly executed. Well done!

Great music, location, organization, parking, security, and friendly staff. Perfect as is !

The low-key friendly nature of the festival was great. Everything worked well…parking, food services, sanitation etc.

All staff was awesome and the music lineup was awesome as well. Too bad the weather was not to par. Very good job done by all!!!

This was by far the best organized outdoor festival I have ever been to. You had places to stand when it was pouring rain. I would definitely go back next year.

Watched Tom Cochrane. Great show, good times. Well done

Absolutely best first effort. Please keep up the great work. The location was amazing clean. Food was excellent. Beer was awesome. The volunteers especially at the disabled entrance made the experience so special. Kudos to all volunteers.

I think it was a great festival. The venue was very nice and all the volunteers were wonderful. One of the best festivals I've been to, and I have been to many....

The volunteers were exceptional. My brother is in a wheelchair and we were treated like VIP. Congratulations on an excellent job. We will be getting weekend passes next year. We were so excited to see Murray McLaughlan and everything you did surpassed our expectations. Can't wait til next year.

Great first year and was impressed with the site and organization.